Nelson Street Log Book

Nelson Street Log Book

July 5, 2019 0 By Shaun

Many fascinating details are emerging in the research for the Drill Hall Identity book. One such is the Log Book for Nelson Street Girls’ Junior School. 

Many thanks to David Reddy at George Romney School for finding the book – it had been passed over when GRS took all the pupils from Nelson Street – and lending to us for our work.

All schools are obliged to keep log books as a record of events at the school and finding one for Nelson St, which shows how important the Drill Hall was to them, was fortunate. It is the last log book of the school going from 1974 to 1980 when Mrs May was Headteacher. It’s a dull looking book on the outside but full of fascinating details within.

Alongside essential information about staff training and absences, important visitors and repairs, we have more interesting stuff. We can read about the strains of fighting the authority for essential maintenance such as when the boiler kept failing, about individual pupils who caused trouble or were injured, about teachers who were extremely unhappy about certain decisions.

Near the end it was sad to read about teachers looking for other jobs as they knew the school was closing and the final entries included: “Everything is packed up. Mrs Benson comes with a trailer and takes away the surplus furniture. A final service is held to close the school and the school closed finally on the 16th day of July 1980.”

It was interesting to note that in the early years covered by the book there were several references to “going across to the Drill Hall” or “holding our party/play/concert at the Drill Hall”. But later it was just “the hall” as it became almost solely for the use of the school.

I am so pleased we found this.